Are you ready to have a successful product launch?

         How do you align your marketing and channel partners?

         Can you leverage the global markets to your advantage?

For many companies, resources are spent in developing products without planning for the subsequent product launches, resulting in poor product acceptance and traction.

The mission of International Marketing and Business Development Group (IMBD Group) is to help these companies build strong and competitive global businesses through product launches that differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Our team is comprised of industry veterans averaging over 18 years of experience helping companies ranging from start ups  to large corporations. One of our key strengths is in our ability to work with executives at the strategic level and turn strategies into detailed tactical implementations.

Combining international marketing and channel development capabilities with our partners in the U.S. and Asia, IMBD Group is well positioned to help your business benefit from the growing U.S. and Pacific Rim markets. Our strong partnerships ensure seamless processes and consistent quality services across different geographies.

We strive to become a long-term partner to our clients. Therefore, we are committed to providing the highest quality service and delivering customer satisfaction. Our client’s success is the reflection of our accomplishments.